We have experience in consulting for companies to reclaim un-useful land. Capped oil wells can be uncapped, and be re-extracted for un-siphoned oil, and be put in an oil tank for further refinement. the capped wells can be refilled with dirt and soil, and be gentrified with farms and produce a useful yield of plant product.

Or, farm lands that have been tainted with agricultural over-fertilization will make the acidity levels too high for basic farm uses or grazing for livestock. These types of lands can be revitalized with new technology to make greenhouses as a transition phase, and then planting new durable grasses that absorb hydrocarbons, and thereby “cleaning” the lands. After years of natural cleansing, it can be resoiled and tilled for fruitful yields.

The Company has expanded its reach from just hydrocarbon petroleum.. to plant and land revitalization.

Energy companies that have land use contracts can destroy the habitat of the land. High EMF and high amperage over the lands can cause health hazards (research and clinical research still to be confirmed. this is not an assertion). But we can advise on how to make use of “un farmable” lands in general.