Richard Tang – President and CEO

Mr. Tang has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia. He holds titles of President and Chairman of various publicly listed companies. He manages the day to day operations for his companies, as well as devising strategies for growth and capital wealth creation for shareholders. He is an expert in the fields of IT, IoT, statistics, computer science, supply chain logistics, and marketing.  Mr. Tang also has a financial banking background, and is a corporate governance expert. With these diverse skillsets he is  a much sought after consultant for both the private and public sector.

  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • IT and advanced system administration
  • Mining consultant – confined Space and Advanced Rescue certification
  • Electrical hydro-electric consultant
  • Marine and Aerospace mechanics manufacturer and procurement specialist
  • 20 years of Financial Payments/ Banking business experience – credit card and SBLC and BG consultant.
  • Good Standing Filer for public companies with SEC / Finra / OTCMarkets
  • Solid connections in the sector: public company, accounting, business planning, major mining logistics, emergency electrical logistics, and wide breadth of chemistry and organic compounding knowledge.



XBRL Associates – Our Auditing Management, and Financial Advisory Firm

Erwin Vahlsing is head of XBRL Associates. Mr. Vahlsing is an advisor for the Company. He is well versed in bookkeeping, accounting and audits for public companies. Duties include Financial Management, and overseeing proper financial governance of appropriations of company funds for projects. His firm managements 12 prestigious publicly traded companies (OTCMarkets and Nasdaq) with gross aggregate yearly revenue of $38 million dollars. He performs US GAAP for accounting, and performs a variety of services including: XBRL submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission, working with Global CUSIP, FINRA, OCTMarkets, and the Depository Trust Clearing Company (DTCC).

Signature Stock Transfer – Jason Bogutski

Signature Stock Transfer is a premier Transfer Agent and is world renowned for proper management of common class stock. They manage the common class traceable stock for well over a hundred clients that are public traded entities and we are proud to have them as our Stock Transfer Agent.

Shelley Goff – BurningLaw

Ms. Goff is our approved filer agent. The duty of the filer agent is to submit proper and lawful material events and financial filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission. She has been our filer agent for many years. She is part of the larger firm, Burningham Law Group, who assists companies in complying with their reporting obligations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including preparing 10-K Annual Reports, 10-Q Quarterly Reports, 14A Proxy Statements and 14C Information Statements and Beneficial Ownership reporting forms, among other services.