Sino American Oil Co. is a Wyoming incorporated, publicly traded company listed on under the symbol OILY. The company is an oil and gas exploration stage company. The Company is engaged in the assessment, acquisition, exploration and development materials and  properties in Australia, Asia, and South America.


As of Summer of 2019, the Company, OILY, is focused on finding un-usable land projects and making them useful. We are also focussed on capped wells, greenhouse projects,The stock symbol name OILY is very fitting for this new and exciting industry. 

The Company is involved in the acquisition and development of hydrocarbons, as well as the secondary end of life projects of land reclamation, post-drilling phase. Reclamation of oil fields to farming, and to investigate the proper cleanup of capped wells for better environmental friendly uses and plant yields.


The Company was a Nevada corporation and was founded in 2006. Its original purpose was to procure OIL (hydro carbon-related products) from around the world. Specifically “The Company assesses the potential of properties in their respective regions to evaluate exploration interests. The assessment includes geochemical and petrological review to determine petroleum source potential and reservoir quality, interpretation and reinterpretation of existing seismic data, as well as consideration of discoveries made by third parties on properties adjacent to, or, depending on circumstances, in the area of the properties it is assessing.

Sino American Oil Company also specializes in the marketing of Oil / Mining / Energy industry companies. We offer specialized services for those industries such as news release dissemination, Twitter marketing, and newsletter mailing.”